Music at A’ the Airts in Sanquhar

Live Music & Poetry

Nicola Black – sangs set fae poems in ‘A Squatter O Bairnsangs’

Saturday 23rd July 1pm

Tickets £12 or £6 for U26

These Bairnsangs are not just for bairns and children, they are for anybody who ever was one. They capture the child of now and the child that was, and the musical settings range widely in style to suit the mood of the poem. From trad to whole tone, via punk and blues. It’s a musical extravaganza! The words are in Scots, and during the show there will be plenty of opportunities to find out what the songs are all about and join in with some choruses and have a bit of fun.
Nicola Black is a songwriter, performer and choir leader from Galloway. She has a deep interest in Scots language, and has worked with children in schools focusing on music in Scots and Gaelic. The words for the songs come from Stuart A Paterson’s critically acclaimed book A Squatter o Bairnrhymes.