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FOX and HOUND THEATRE  COMPANY – Play – Look our for the new production by Fox and Hound on the 4th of October 2019 


4th of October at A’ the Airts – the return of the wonderful Fox and Hindsight by Fox and Hound Theatre
Friday 4 Oct,
19:30 – 20:30


A’ The Airts 8-12 High Street Sanquhar DG4 6BL
Theatre: Premiered at 2019 Edinburgh Fringe this is high quality writing about a child with un-diagnosed autism. The pieces of the puzzle that make up Laura’s brain, don’t seem to fit. Why don’t people say what they mean? When the world doesn’t make sense to her, she is labelled problematic. Laura is different but her mum can’t seem to see the truth, she is afraid that the world won’t accept Laura for being herself. In the perfect storm, Laura is forced to confront all the things which send her spiralling with desperation and fear into self-harm and an uncertain future. The relationships that Laura has with her mother, teacher and self, highlight that we cannot always see what is in front of us, whether barriers are circumstance or subconscious. It takes just a moment to change everything.


Contact A’ the Airts to reserve a seat on 01659 50514 or contact us

Fallen Fruit by Two Destination Language

Saturday 5 Oct, 19:30

£10.00 or £15.00 x 2 shows (Fallen Fruit & My Friend Selma by Terra Incognito (11th Oct) if booked directly with venue Tel: 01695 50514
A’ The Airts 8-12 High Street Sanquhar DG4 6BL

Back there, back then, I had it all!”
In 1989, as the Berlin Wall splits open, a young girl looks forward to life beyond communism, a couple unravels, and 80s TV permeates everything.

Physical theatre and post-show discussion (Show length 70 mins, Age suitability 14+yrs)

My Friend Selma by Terra Incognita

My Friend Selma by Terra Incognita

Friday 11 Oct, 19:00 £10.00 Special deal – 2 x shows for £15 if you also book Fallen Fruit (Sat 5th Oct) Deal only available by booking with venue directly Tel: 01695 50514

A’ The Airts 8-12 High Street Sanquhar DG4 6BL